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Aquamarine…the colour of the Aegean Sea.

From bright sunshine-y blue, holidays by the sea, seagulls squawking and endless sunshine, to dusty grey-blue, the quiet before the storm, the silence and the stillness, to the green-blue of tranquillity, peace, the depths of the ocean untouched and unharmed.  This captivating gem will call to you, leaving you breathless in its glorious wake.

Aquamarine.  A love story untold…




This ancient stone couldn’t be further from the brilliant blue of an aquamarine, but Bloodstone is the traditional birthstone for March, and was considered to be the most stunning of the Jaspers, a beautiful deep earth green gem emboldened with spots of bright red caused by iron oxide.  In the 19th century, Bloodstone was carved into beads and worn as necklaces or bracelets, and often used in intaglios and seals.  Signet rings made from bloodstone were carved with a family crest or worn plain.  In Medieval times it was known as the Sun Stone, and later Christ’s Stone and it was widely believed that its energy carried the purity of blood and inherently spoke of life and birth, vitality and strength, passion and courage.  As a talisman its virtues are protective and nurturing. Today Bloodstone can be found in India, Madagascar, Brazil, China, Australia and Germany.


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