Desmond Carmichael, Proprietor of the Carmichael Shipping Co. Strides through the streets of West Kensington, London, his silver topped cane proving indispensable as night descends on the deserted streets.


Safely back home, in his private office, he studies his World Shipping Globe. This new globe, produced by George Phillip & Son of Fleet Street, shows the shipping routes so that he can determine where his fleet, carrying precious cargo of spices and silks from India, might be.


Dreading another shipwreck the last one almost bankrupted him, he pours a scotch from his Baccarat Crystal Decanter, and ponders his choice of cuff links for the following day. 


Lunch at the Gentleman’s Club surely warrants his favourite pair silver inlaid with pearls. A gift from his beloved wife Petunia, who was currently enjoying the summer in Bath with their headstrong daughter Violet. As if on cue, Jones the butler, his friend and companion for 20 years arrives with the London Times. Desmond locates his Ivory and Silver Paper Knife and eagerly reads the daily news. 


News proves interesting today. Apparently Britain has just delivered the last lot of convicts to Australia in a three-masted Blackwall frigate named Hougoumont, a ghastly ship that was barely seaworthy. He laments the poor souls on board, and pours another Scotch. As he settles in to his overstuffed armchair, Jones opens the door and asks what exotic coffee bean would be required in the morning, eager to use the French Coffee Mill recently purchased on a trip to Paris. 


Gesturing for Jones to join him, he lights his Viennese Pipe, and the two of them relax and contemplate the events of the day. Checking his Brass Traveling Carriage Clock, Desmond and Jones finally retire at 10:00pm, grateful for the others’ company both of them looking with anticipation to the day ahead.

Ivory & Silver Paper Knife

Ivory & Silver Paper Knife

This elegant paper knife carries a Birmingham hallmark from 1903. It’s 41cm in length.

Brass Traveling Carriage Clock

French Brass Traveling Carriage Clock

Fabulous Brass Carriage Clock with key in good working order.

Baccarat Crystal Decanter

Baccarat Crystal Decanter

Mid-century single handled Baccarat crystal decanter with a hexagonal stopper.