Ivory and Silver Paper Knife Birmingham 1903

What a great gift for a writer, or that person that has everything!

“The flat thin blade is designed to follow the creases of a book with uncut pages and expertly, gently, tear them apart. Uncut pages were common to the Victorian era. Long sheets of paper were folded numerous times and printed on both sides. Most of the leaves were cut during the binding process, however since all books were bound by hand at that time, leaves were sometimes uncut and couldn’t be opened unless they were cut.”

Taken from an article by Ian Spellerberg, collector & office antiques enthusiast, Christchurch New Zealand. Article can be found at www.collectorsweekly.com.

This particular example is made from Antique ivory with a sterling silver handle and hallmarked Birmingham 1903. 41cm in length.

$1,100.00 (GST incl.)