The Historic Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade is the perfect location for an antique jewellery store. Not only is it located in the heart of Sydney, it is designed in an ornate Victorian style that immerses people in the timeless beauty of this era bygone.

The Strand Arcade was built from 1890 to 1892, towards the end of the Victorian era. It is the only remaining arcade of its kind in Sydney, and was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 13 December 2011. 

Being three storeys high, the arcade has the traditional-styled protruding galleries, cedar staircases, tiled floors, cast iron balusters and timber framed shop fronts, under a prominent, tinted glass roof to reduce glare. The arcade contains the preliminary boutiques that characterized the Sydney shopping experience of the 1890s. When the arcade opened in 1892, it was said to be the very latest in shopping centre designs and was described as, “The finest public thoroughfare in the Australian colonies”. The arcade has endured two depressions, two World Wars and two major fires. The restored shop fronts are an exact replica of the original internal shopping facades. (Wikipedia)

Shopping in The Strand is an experience worthy of a ‘day out at the town’, and if it’s been a while since you’ve perused this beautiful arcade, you might enjoy visiting Victoria & Albert Antiques

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