Platinum Onyx and Diamond Art Deco Plaque Ring

The Roaring 20’s, or the Jazz Age, was a period of significant social, cultural and economic change.  It was a time of optimism and prosperity following the end of World War 1, and marked a shift towards modernity and a break from traditional values.

Jazz music, which originated in America gained popularity and became a symbol of the era.  Dance halls sprang up across the country, to which people flocked to dance the night away.  The Charleston, a popular dance style of the time, became a cultural phenomenon.

Women’s clothing became more daring and liberated, with shorter hemlines, looser silhouettes and the introduction of the iconic Flapper style.

Enter this original Art Deco onyx and diamond ring, with it’s cushion shaped onyx and diamond enhanced top, tail and band.  A true reflection of an era where people were swimming in optimism, without a care in the world.

$3,925.00 (GST incl.)

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