Hand Painted Murano Glass Beads Circa 1950

Murano glass lampwork beads have a rich and fascinating history that dates back to the 13th Century.  The art of glassmaking in Murano can actually be traced back to the 8th century when the Venetian Republic ordered all glassmakers tom move their furnaces to the island to prevent the risk of fires in the city.  This marked the beginning of Murano’s reputation as a centre for glassmaking. During the Renaissance period in the 15th and 16th centuries, Murano glassmakers perfected their techniques and created intricate and elaborate glass objects, including beads.  The demand for Murano glass beads grew, and they became highly sought after by traders and merchants. Today, Murano glass beads are still highly valued for their craftsmanship, beauty and historical significance.

Here we have a rope of graduated Murano glass beads, in rich chocolate and rose tones, accented with blue and gold-coloured bead-caps.  The necklace measures 62cm in total and has a secure screw fitting, Murano circa 1950.

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