Victorian 15ct gold Turquoise Cluster Ring

A Turquoise and Diamond cluster ring in 15ct Yellow Gold. Dating to the mid 19th Century, this ring carries deep meaning revealed through its use of symbolism. The turquoise forget-me-not flower symbolises eternal love and remembrance. The diamond in the centre also symbolised love and eternity in the Victorian Era.

The two textured hands clasping the flower symbolised unity and friendship. The locket back originally would have held a keepsake like a lock of hair. These layers of meaning combine to convey deep affection, friendship, and eternal love.

Queen Victoria herself had an affinity for turquoise, gifting her bridal party turquoise brooches to convey her love for them. The 5 turquoise cabochons have retained their summer sky colour and contrast beautifully with the blush of the 15ct gold.  A true treasure from the past.

$4,200.00 (GST incl.)