Over millennia, these captivating gemstones have charmed us.  From the soft lustre of rough diamonds of the Georgian and Victorian periods, to the dazzling beauty of 20th century polished sophistication, the diamond has been constant in its appeal.

The word “Diamond” comes from the Greek word for unconquerable, “adamas”.  It is from this word that “Adamantine” is derived, which refers to the brilliant lustre that only a diamond can produce.  Uniquely able to resist both fire and steel, and holding the coveted place of No. 10 on Moh’s scale of hardness, the diamond is the only gemstone durable enough to be able to scratch glass, without damage.

One of the earliest diamond cuts was indeed used by many a noble lady in a whimsical form of flirtation. In fact, Elizabeth I exchanged cryptic words on a window pane with Sir Walter Raleigh:

“Fain would I rise, but that I fear to fall”

                To which Elizabeth scratched this reply

“if thy heart fails thee, Do not rise at all”

So whether it’s a dainty diamond cluster ring, a striking Art Deco dress ring or a beautiful engagement ring, an antique diamond will bring you many years of joy.