Retro jewellery embodies the best of old-fashion design that will never lose its flair. The ‘Retro style’ emerged along with Pop Art in the 1940’s–50’s and saw to capture the vintage styles of times past, for a quaint and nostalgic feel. The delicate gold lacework and floral gemstone arrangements of Victorian jewellery were now back in fashion. In the 1940s and 50’s, women started wearing brooches once again, coloured gemstone rings and other family heirlooms. And today retro jewellery is in vogue once again, along with the vintage fashion trend. But really, the best old-fashion jewellery will always be in style, for it can complement even a modern dress or outfit perfectly.

There is also a side to retro jewellery which is not as conservative. Many jewellers tapped into new possibilities by combining the vintage with the modern. For instance, you can see Victorian gold-and-amethyst rings with mathematical geometries inspired by the Art Deco movement. There are some beautiful and exciting pieces from this era which have an old-fashioned air, but with a twist of modernism.