19th Century Staffordshire Mantle Dogs


The charm of Staffordshire mantle dogs lies in their whimsical and nostalgic appeal. These ceramic figurines, which were popular in the 19th century, were originally designed to adorn mantlepieces and bring a touch of elegance to Victorian homes.

Meticulously hand-painted, with attention to detail given to the facial features, the artists often captured the dogs in playful or alert poses, giving them a sense of personality and character.  This sweet pair are presenting you with a lovely basket of flowers.

Staffordshire dogs, once a popular part of Victorian decor are now considered valuable collectables. Owning a piece of history and being able to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry of the past adds an extra layer of fascination and charm to these figurines.

Smaller than usual at 17cm in height

$650.00 (GST incl.)

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