Regency Gold Cruciform Pendant

A regency gold (1811-1820) cruciform pendant, 22ct yellow gold ornate and topaz cross, set with 5 mixed oval shaped light-mid yellow topaz in cannetille patterned frame with 9ct yellow gold pin attachment and hook.

Cannetille was a French jewellery technique that emerged in the Regency period. It describes the use of curled, twisted, spiralled, scrolled, beehived or coiled gold wire. It’s a close relative of filigree work and differs in it’s three dimensional nature, where filigree is flat. Some say the style was inspired by the Portuguese, others India. The most likely explanation is two-fold. Cannetille was also used to describe a type of French embroidery method which has a similar appearance and technique and is created using gold thread. This coupled with the short supply and scarcity of gold off the back of the Napoleonic wars most probably created the demand for cannetille jewellery. The technique allowed jewellers to create pieces that looked large without using huge amounts of gold.This piece is a stunning example of the technique.

$14,750.00 (GST incl.)

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