Georgian Mourning Ring – Hairwork Set Beneath Crystal Centrepiece Surrounded by Two Rings of Pearls

This exquisite piece is a stunning example of several features of Georgian jewellery. The first most notably is the ornate scrollwork on the shoulders of the ring. This ring is hand made and as such all of that ornate metalwork is one of the ways this Georgian jeweller showed his complete mastery of his craft. The piece also has some braided hair set beneath the crystal centrepiece, a common Georgian practice that fell out of favour in later periods. We also see the closed back nature of the ring (Georgian jewellers were yet to master allowing light through the back of their pieces). What’s unique about this ring is that we actually have a date. Assaying wasn’t enforced in the Georgian period and most makers didn’t mark their jewellery so it is rare to find pieces that are marked or dated. In this case we have the name Caroline Cuthbert and the year 1827. One can only assume the wearer had the hair of their beloved Caroline made as the centrepiece of this ring so they could treasure her memory forever.

$2,850.00 (GST incl.)

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