15ct Diamond Daisy Cluster Ring

This 15ct Gold diamond daisy cluster ring is a testament to the craftsmanship of the past.  This exquisite piece features a cluster of dazzling diamonds, arranged in the shape of a delicate daisy flower.

The meaning behind a diamond daisy ring can be deeply personal and may hold different significance for the individual.  Generally, daisies are associated with purity, innocence and new beginnings.  In this context a diamond daisy ring can be seen as a representation of these qualities, making it a perfect choice for an engagement ring, or a gift to celebrate a new chapter in life.  Additionally, daisies are often associated with nature, symbolising growth, renewal and the beauty of the natural world.

15ct gold was a beautiful mix used in jewellery in England prior to 1932.  It sits between rose and yellow in colour and has a lovely bloom.

Diamonds approximately 0.60ct’s

$3,650.00 (GST incl.)